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First name: Kathryn
Last name: Zerbe
Degrees: MD

Address: 4800 SW Macadam Avenue, Suite 340
City: SW Portland
State: OR
Zip: 97239
Phone: 503.295.9909
Website: Psychology Today

Services/Specialty: Adult Psychoanalysis & psychodynamic psychotherapy; including eating disorders, life transitions, anxiety, depression

Age specialty: Adolescents over 18, Adults and Elders

Accepting new patients

Insurance accepted: none

Years in Practice: 33


Education:  Temple University School of Medicine (1978)
                      Karl Menninger School of Psychiatry (1982)
                      Topeka Institute for Psychoanalysis (1991)

 I moved to Portland after almost 23 years of practice at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas.  Over the years my belief in the transformative power of the psychotherapeutic relationship to heal deep inner wounds and longstanding emotional suffering has itself transformed and enlarged but never wavered.  Patients and students have taught me many life lessons, most important of which is that all persons have unique capacities that  to gain insight into what lies behind much of their inner anguish and to then find new ways of coping with and resolving them.   Central to the healing experience of psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis is the capacity to find greater self -acceptance, to tame one’s often harsh and self -defeating inner critic, and to get to know and become friendlier with unsettling and disturbing emotions.  These new capacities can lead to improved resilience and productivity in life, enhanced creativity, and, most importantly, acceptance and compassion for others.  It is always a privilege to accompany another person on the psychotherapeutic voyage and to bear witness to changes that paradoxically and simultaneously encourage personal autonomy and making sustained, intimate, and meaningful attachments with other people.

I have written and taught extensively in the areas of women’s health, eating disorders, the value of mentorship and creative partnerships, and personal and professional life transitions.  I also regularly consult with and supervise other mental health professionals about their practice and career goals. Working together in my practice begins with a phase of consultation that can last from a few sessions to several months and in which we try to ascertain what will be most useful and fruitful for you as an individual.  Although my treatment approach is primarily psychodynamic, I believe that it is essential to also incorporate other modes of treatment (for example, medication) when necessary.

My current affiliations include Training and Supervising Analyst, Oregon Psychoanalytic Institute; Clinical Professor, Psychiatry, Oregon Health and Science University; Faculty, Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis, Los Angeles; Distinguished Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association.