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Advanced Training for Mental Health Professionals

The Oregon Psychoanalytic Center trains mental health professionals in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.  OPC's curricula includes all major psychoanalytic theories--from classic to contemporary--along with new scientific knowledge that has bearing on psychoanalytic thought.  

A diverse faculty, trained in psychoanalytic institutes around the country, draw from their varied backgrounds and professional experiences, but they share some fundamental attributes -- distinguished reputations, the respect of their peers, scholarly contributions, and excellence in teaching.  They promote intellectual curiosity and respect for diverse ideas in a collegial learning environment.

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Psychoanalytic Training
A formal, four-year didactic program for mental health specialists with graduate degrees and expertise in their fields, who want to explore the entire spectrum of psychoanalytic theory and technique.  The three pillars of this training--personal training analysis, seminars, and supervised analytic work--provide rich, varied, and profound opportunities for experiential and didactic learning. Applications currently being accepted for the next class scheduled to start in Fall 2021.  Please submit your application by March 1.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program

A two-year didactic program for licensed mental health professionals of all disciplines, who want to enhance their therapeutic knowledge and skills, and develop a like-minded network of colleagues.  It differs from the psychoanalytic training program in that it focuses solely on the practice of psychotherapy.  It is a robust, energetic, and accessible program for licensed mental health professionals of all disciplines. The next class will begin Sept. 2021. 

Continuing Education
A variety of classes, courses and special programs, providing psychoanalytic / psychodynamic approaches to a wide range of issues seen in clinical practices.   Our goal is bring to you the diversity and plurality of contemporary psychoanalytic thinking, to share insights, and to enrich our mutual understanding as to how best to help our patients. These programs address the needs of clinicians at all levels of expertise.


Psychoanalysis is an intensive psychotherapy, the aim of which is to understand the complexity of one’s motives, wishes, urges, and actions – some conscious and some unconscious – in order to gain mastery over one’s life.

 A Theory of Mind
When reacting to the news, interacting on social media or in everyday conversation, many of us seek to understand “what motivates us?”. Why do we sometimes behave counter to our own interests? By examining what lies beneath the surface of human behavior, psychoanalysis teaches us about the unconscious psychological forces within, that are outside of our awareness. 

How Psychoanalytic Treatment Works
Talking with a trained psychoanalyst helps identify underlying problematic patterns and behaviors. By analyzing one's stories, fantasies, dreams, and interactions with others, the analyst and patient, together, can discover paths toward the emotional freedom necessary to make substantive, lasting changes, and heal from past traumas.

While many analysts and patients find that the couch is beneficial and helps patients relax and be more open, others feel a face-to-face arrangement works better for them. 

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