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Dear Friends of OPC,

Growth has been the motivation for the Oregon Psychoanalytic Center’s Community this past year. Last year, we cultivated a new style to continue our roles in our careers, education, and personal lives as we individually and collectively focused on surviving through the pandemic.  As we come to the end of 2021, OPC continues to grow in new directions, and has engaged the community to help us reach our goals.

As many of you know, in 2019 we were given an opportunity of expanding our work to create a program that helps members of the Portland community who are at risk or experiencing houselessness and mental health concerns.  The Emery Project was created to help frontline workers have a place to process their experiences and apply psychoanalytic theory to their work.  The success of the pilot grew from one group to four groups by 2021, created a continuing education program with the American Psychoanalytic Association called Bridging Psychoanalysis and the Community, and most importantly, inspired a spirit within the OPC Community to continue this program in the future.  The project is no longer a pilot, now an established program called Growing Community and Psychoanalysis (GCAP), which consists of a group of dedicated volunteers who are working to create a home for community psychoanalysis at OPC.

In order for this important work to continue and prosper, we will need your help! The Board of Director’s have agreed that 10% of every donation in the 2021 Bridge to the Future Campaign will go to the GCAP Program.

It is more important now than ever to acknowledge OPC as a community of mental health clinicians who are dedicated to training psychotherapists to engage clients in the deeply rewarding process of introspection and self-discovery using evidence-based psychoanalytic therapy.Transformational healing takes time as well as a depth of training.  Our approach understands challenges and mental struggles as deep-seated and longstanding. Our goal as therapists is to get to the root of suffering, in both life and relationships, through in-depth treatment.

When you support the training of psychotherapists, you impact not only the lives of the patients they treat but also the lives of those around them. Patients report they go on to be better parents, co-workers, and friends.

OPC needs your help in supporting our mission to offer in-depth education and training to psychotherapists, resulting in transformational healing for patients and a ripple effect to the people, relationships, and communities that surround them. 


Jeffrey Eisen, MD
Board President


Lindsey Stevens
Executive Director

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Donor Testimonials:

For the past twenty years, we have been devoted to the establishment and growth of OPC. Psychoanalysis has given much to us—mainly through the generosity of others. We wish to continue our support into the future. That is why our planned giving includes a generous contribution to OPC.  ~ Jerry Fogel

 While we are blessed to live in an age of a wonderful technological explosion, the downside is every minute can be filled with activity – devoid of genuine reflection. It is not only a privilege, but a necessity for the health of our civilization to support organizations that aide us in knowing, first ourselves in a deeper way, then using our understanding in the world at large.  OPC is a beautiful example of such an organization. Please consider the importance of supporting OPC, its members, and the individuals who have dedicated their lives to a meaningful understanding of self and genuinely helping others to the same. ~ Leon Pyle

However you choose to make your gift, please know that we are deeply grateful for your consideration and generous philanthropy.