If you would like to learn more or participate in one or more of the OPC or OPI Committees, please contact the committee chair or email

OPC Board of Directors

  • Duane Dale, MD -  President
  • Kathy Reicker, LCSW - Secretary & OPI Director
  • John Plombon, PhD - Treasurer
  • Selma Duckler
  • Betsy Iannuccillo, LCSW
  • Kelly Reams, LCSW
  • David Turner, MD
  • Scott Vignola, LCSW
  • Lindsey Stevens – Executive Director
  • Tess Keith – Program Administrator

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program Committee (PPP)

  • Rachael Berkeley, LCSW, Chair
  • Kerry Opdyke, MD
  • Sandra Krussel, DO
  • Kelly Reams, LCSW, BCD
  • Redmond Reams, PhD
  • Michael Weiner, LCSW
  • Tess Keith, Program Administrator

Continuing Education Committee (CE)

  • Alice Huang, MD, Chair
  • Cindi Palman, MD
  • Cody Evans, MD
  • Francoise Eipper, MD
  • Michael Weiner, LCSW
  • Scott Vignola, LCSW
  • Lindsey Stevens, Executive Director
  • Tess Keith, Program Administrator

Oregon Psychoanalytic Institute Executive Committee (EC)

  • Kathy Reicker, LCSW, Director
  • Winston Anderson, PsyD, Admissions Chair
  • Duane Dale, MD, Faculty Representative
  • Cody Evans, MD, Faculty Representative
  • Sara Gardiner, MD, Training Outreach Chair
  • Cynthia Gray, MD, Director-Elect
  • Betsy Iannuccillo, LCSW, Progression Chair
  • Jeanne Johnson, MD, Faculty & Development Chair
  • James Powers, MD, Curriculum Committee Representative
  • Nancy Winters, MD, TA/SA Chair

OPC Finance Committee (FC)

  • John Plombon, PhD, Chair
  • Richard Alden, MD
  • Lindsey Stevens, Executive Director
  • Joan Ricci, Bookkeeper

OPI Admissions Committee (OPI-AC)

  • Winston Anderson, PsyD, Chair
  • Ralph Beaumont, MD
  • Betsy Iannuccillo, LCSW
  • David Turner, MD

OPI Curriculum Committee (OPI-CC)

  • Cynthia Gray, MD, Chair
  • Ralph Beaumont, MD
  • J. Powers, MD
  • Sarah Baird, PsyD

OPI Progression Committee (OPI-PC)

  • Betsy Iannuccillo, LCSW, Chair
  • Winston Anderson, PsyD
  • Cynthia Gray, MD
  • Sara Gardiner, MD

OPI Training/Supervising Analyst Committee (OPI-TA/SA)

  • Nancy Winters, MD, Chair
  • Lee Shershow, MD
  • David Turner, MD

OPI Faculty & Development Committee (OPI-FADC)

  • Jeanne Johnson, MD Chair
  • Kathryn Zerbe MD
  • Duane Dale MD
  • Dan Helfet-Hiliker MD
  • Bill Nunley, MD, MPH

OPI Training Outreach Committee (OPI-TOC)

  • Sara Gardiner, MD, Chair
  • Cody Evans, MD
  • Cindi Palman, MD
  • Tom Veeder, MD