Academic Program

There are two paths (A and B) for an Academic candidate:

A – Mental Health Academic Candidate Track

Designed for the experienced, licensed mental health professional who wants to study and experience psychoanalysis and apply it in their work without becoming a psychoanalyst.

B – Professional Academic Candidate (non-clinicians)

Designed for professionals in other fields who want to study and experience psychoanalysis and apply this in their work without becoming a psychoanalyst.

The following criteria apply to both tracks A and B:

  • Applicants should have a terminal degree in their field and an interest in applied psychoanalysis.
  • Applicants will follow the OPI admissions process for regular candidacy, including completing the application form with a written autobiography. Interviews will be arranged by the Admissions Committee, addressing personal and professional qualifications.
  • Applicants will identify a project to work on during their four years of classes that could result in a publishable paper, video, or scholarly presentation.
  • Accepted applicants will attend four years of classes, including clinical case conferences. Tuition for training will be the same as for regular candidates.
  • Accepted applicants will be expected to undergo a personal analysis with an OPI faculty psychoanalyst.
  • Each Academic candidate will have an OPI Mentor, instead of a supervisor, who serves several functions, including assisting the candidate with their scholarly project.
  • Academic graduates will not be able to practice as psychoanalysts.

OPI is accepting applications to the next adult psychoanalytic training class scheduled to begin in September 2024.

For more info, contact [email protected]