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The Oregon Psychoanalytic Center (OPC) recognizes that front-line workers are heavily taxed right now, and we want to remove as many barriers as we can to the process of finding available mental health care and support.  Our intent is to help provide leads to pro-bono tele-psychotherapy during this crisis as well as ongoing psychotherapy if further support is needed.

Here is a list of psychotherapists and psychoanalysts from the OPC community who are willing to meet for 2-5 consultation meetings, pro bono, with front-line workers in need of mental health support.  It is recommended you discuss your specific expectations and needs with the clinician before starting.

Please note: This is not a list for emergency mental healthcare.  If you are experiencing a mental health crisis where safety is imminently threatened, please call 9-1-1 or seek emergency services.

When calling these clinicians, please mention the OPC COVID-19 referral list. If you have questions or concerns about this resource, please direct them to Alice Huang, MD at [email protected]

OPC Mental Health Professionals:

Winston Anderson, Psy.D.
Address: 975 SE Sandy Blvd., Suite 160, Portland, OR 97214
Contact Information: 503-853-6685
Psychology Today Profile
Offering: Individual therapy

Fees:  $110- $175, up to 4 free consultation sessions
Insurance: In-network Aetna, PacificSource, Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Ann Anthony, MD
Address: 2250 NW Flanders Ste 301
Contact Information: 503 223 1434
Offering: Adult psychotherapy
Fees: Fee negotiable, with up to 5 free sessions
Insurance: Does not take insurance

Peter S. Armstrong, Ph.D.
Address: 833 SW 11th Avenue, Portland, 
Contact Information: 503-706-1786
Offering: Psychotherapy for Individual adults
Fees: $200, negotiable; up to 5 free consultation sessions
Insurance: Out-of-network

Susan Gendein-Marshall, PhD
2455 NW Marshall St. Unit 10, Portland, Oregon 97210
Contact Information: 
Individual psychotherapy
Fees: $180, up to 4 free sessions
Insurance: Aetna in network 

Martha Graner LCSW
Address: 7419 NW Cornell Rd, Portland, OR 97229
Contact Information: 503-296-0788
Offering: Individuals and couples
Fees: Up to 2 free consultation sessions. In these circumstances, if the person (or couple) do not have insurance, I would work with what they are able to pay up to 5 sessions. It is more important that they get seen
Insurance: I am on almost all insurance panels with the exceptions of Moda and Pacific Source

Deborah Kass MS, LCSW
Address: 1020 SW Taylor Avenue, Suite 405, Portland, OR 97205, Currently working via Video/Phone
Contact Information:
OfferingPsychotherapy for parenting, teens, adults, and couples
Fees: $160 / Reduction available upon discussion, up to 3 free consultation sessions
Insurance: Out-of-network

Jill Kelly, LMHC, LPC
Address: 224 NE 28th Ave., Portland, OR 97232 (offering telehealth using
Contact Information: 971.280.9760, [email protected] 
Offering: Adult individual consultation and psychotherapy 
Fees: Sliding fee offered, up to 3 free consultation sessions
Insurance: I do not take insurance

Scot Maclean, MD
Address: 2250 NW Flanders St #101, Portland, OR 97210 (presently practicing exclusively via Telehealth using
Contact Information: 503-816-5836
[email protected]
Offering: I am willing to offer adult psychotherapy sessions 
Fees: My usual out-of-pocket fee is $180 for 45 minutes, I could offer 3 consultation sessions with no charge\
Insurance: In-network with Regence Blue Cross, Pacific Source, Reliant Behavioral Health, and Aetna

Sarah Schrott, LCSW
Address: 2066 NW Irving St. Ste 2, Portland, OR 97209
Contact Information: 503-939-7966
[email protected]
Offering: Adult individual consultation and psychotherapy
Fees: Sliding fee offered, up to 5 free consultation sessions
Insurance: In-network with BCBS and out-of-network with all other insurance companies. 

Merrill Weyerhaeuser PhD
Address: 2106 NE 40th Avenue, Portland Oregon 97212, I am available to start by FaceTime or audio/phone
Contact Information: 503-460-2530
Psychology Today Profile
Offering: I am offering individual adult psychotherapy and psychoanalysis
Fees: $140 for a 50-minutes session; offering 2-5 free consultations sessions, please call to discuss
Insurance: In-network for Regence and Blue Cross Blue Shield

Amelia J. Wilcox, PhD, PC
Address: 3434 SW Kelly Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97239
Contact Information: 503-490-5793
Offering: I see adolescents and adults, and treat depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia=
Fees: Intake - $225, Session - $205; up to 3 free consultation sessions
Insurance: I do not take insurance