Residents/Graduate Students interested in Psychodynamic Theory and Psychoanalysis...

OPC is continuously developing ways to assist graduate students in deepening their understanding of the practice and theory of Psychodynamic Therapy and Psychoanalysis. 

Residents/Graduate Student Seminar

Throughout the academic year, OPC hosts ongoing free seminars for graduate students.  This is one of several initiatives that we are working on to become more involved with graduate students in the community and to promote psychoanalytic thinking. Students of all disciplines are encouraged to attend – including, but not limited to clinical and counseling psychology, social work, and psychiatry.  The seminars are led by an OPC faculty member and center around an assigned article. Past discussion topics have included dream work, Lacanian theory, psychoanalytic approaches to couples work, and Bionian theory. This provides students a unique opportunity to hear case presentations by senior clinicians and discuss their own case material from a psychoanalytic perspective.  Seminars are typically held on a Thursday or Friday evening in our office located in NW Portland.   Light refreshments and snacks are provided.  A RSVP is required due to limited space. 

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Psychoanalytic Case Consultation Program

If you are a Mental Health Graduate Student interested in...

  • Learning more about psychodynamic theory and practice
  • Working one on one with an experienced clinician
  • Thinking about clients from a psychoanalytic point of view
  • Deepening your understanding of the human psyche

Check out our Psychoanalytic Case Consultation program!

OPC’s mission is to educate psychotherapists and the community in order to promote emotional growth, honor diversity, and develop the life of the mind.  In keeping with this goal, we are offering mental health graduate students access to free one-on-one consultation with psychoanalytically-trained clinicians.  

Get Involved by…
  • Calling one of the clinicians listed to set up an initial consultation.
  • You and the consultant decide when to meet and how often.
  • Free consultation can last up to one year.

Consultants participating in this program offer a variety of credentials, experience, and styles. Please review their profile pages by clicking the link below or on their individual websites to see who might be a good fit for you.

For reference: Consultation is the same service as supervision, but a consultant bears no legal responsibility for the student’s caseload, whereas a supervisor is legally responsible.  Thus, a student receives supervision at a practicum or internship, and consultation outside the training program.  By participating in this program, it is understood that the student is working under the license of another clinician in their practicum/internship.

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Exploring the Clinical Moment; Listening Psychoanalytically

OPC offers a series of meetings, for early or mid-career mental health professionals,including graduate students, residents, and fellows, on listening deeply to clinical material from within a psychodynamic perspective. In a warm, interactive and inclusive space, we discuss how we each listen and respond to clinical material from both our theoretical orientation and the unique workings of each person’s mind.  An OPC member will present a clinical moment from his/her practice, which will be followed by a lively discussion. Each presentation is designed as a separate and self-contained learning experience.

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Fundamentals of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

This series of ten monthly sessions is designed to meet the needs of clinicians who want to gain a beginning understanding of psychoanalytic psychotherapy. These sessions will have a clinical focus and will provide an opportunity for participants to hear and discuss case material and to present case material if they wish. Brief readings focused around a key clinical or theoretical concept will also be discussed. The sessions will be taught and facilitated by members of the Oregon Psychoanalytic Center. 

The conference is an ideal starting place for clinicians who wish to explore the possible avenues for training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, as well as any clinician who wants to have the supportive and stimulating experience of a group case conference.

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Residents and Graduate Students receive a 50% discount on all continuing education programs offered at OPC.  Please contact Lindsey Stevens at 503.229.0175 for a discount code.