Training Analysts and Supervising Analysts

  • Ann Anthony, MD**
  • Ralph Beaumont, MD
  • Duane Dale, MD
  • Gerald Fogel, MD**
  • Sara Gardiner, MD
  • Cynthia Gray, MD
  • Kelly Reams, LCSW
  • Kathy Reicker, LCSW
  • Lee Shershow, MD*
  • David Turner, MD*
  • Nancy Winters, MD
  • Kathryn Zerbe, MD

* Not accepting new analysands
** Not accepting new analysands or supervisees

The Oregon Psychoanalytic Center is devoted to creating a more diverse and inclusive community and approach to clinical service and practice. We maintain a non-discriminatory policy regarding race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender or marital or parental status in admissions, employment, and access to programs.